As a celebration of  today, the  announced the winners of an annual National Grammar Day Tweeted Haiku Contest.

2020欧洲杯时间Scroll down to read the winners and see a Storify view of all entry tweets, then read more about the winners (and the grammartinis at least one of them will be mixing today) on the ACES Blog. 

First prize: Adriana Cloud (@adicloud)
Let us not to the
marriage of two clauses
admit a comma splice.

Second prize: Pam Nelson (@grammarguide)
Oh, if I were not
in a rare subjunctive mood,
2020欧洲杯时间 I would wish I were.

Third prize: Allison Chopin(@allisonchopin)
Indefinite, yes.
Reciprocal? Possessive?
2020欧洲杯时间 It’s love — or pronouns

Fourth prize: Daniel Sosnoski (@mededitor)
Elephant attuned,
The pronoun is objective,
Horton hears a ‘whom’.

Honorable Mention:

Amy Payne @amympayne
"i" before "e" and
Forgive my outburst.

Adriana Cloud @adicloud
So much depends on
a modifier dangling
besides the wrong noun.

Jan Lane @twitlessjan
It’s a little girl!
With a single contraction,
Her whole world expands.

Nehaly Shah @nms077
Lyrics and grammar:
Often incompatible,
But both beautiful.

Stan Carey @StanCarey
Languages change like
People change: slowly, non-stop,

M. Mehan @MTMehanPublic
we punctuate but
never pause to realize
we mark how we. breathe

Rhiannon Root @rhiannonroot
Exclamation point,
Like hot sauce you are spicy
Best used sparingly

Allison N. Chopin @allisonchopin
(Nothing lonelier
than a parenthetical
opened but not closed

Megan Paolone @meganpaolone
Who or whom?
Direct objects cause problems;
you’ll figure it out.

James Harbeck @sesquiotic
Language is a dance,
a mating dance for two minds.
Keep it passionate.

Lisa Cherrett @LCherrett
All haiku poets
must love the singular ‘they’
2020欧洲杯时间 ‘he or she’ wastes syll-…