Last month we introduced the SportsCenter-style Vocabulary Bowl Top 20 Roundup, and now our intrepid vocab-casters are back to bring the same excitement for the January results. See which schools are making a name for themselves on the Vocab Bowl leaderboards.


At the top of the rankings, would Houston's Chavez High School bounce back after getting dethroned by their scrappy neighbor, Lanier Middle School? And how did the rest of the Top 20 pan out? Watch , brought to you by vocab-casters Chris Strausser and Cayman Lowe, to find out who's ahead, who's rising in the ranks, and how many words a school had to master to hit the Number 1 spot for the month.

Schools that cracked the Top 20 in the January leaderboard earn special shout-outs in the roundup. Kudos to those schools for edging out the other 16,000 schools competing nationwide in this year's contest for word mastery.

Want to see how your school measures up in the Vocabulary Bowl and make sure you're signed up to play? Check out our Vocabulary Bowl page here.